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19 Dec
Work and the holidays are taking up my precious reading time. Unacceptable. This weekend, I did NO reading. Not that it wasn’t a good weekend, but my routine is all messed up. While I try to catch up, here’s this week’s installment of awesome stuff out on the internet.

Game of Thrones! I know we have months and months to go still, but the season 2 teaser trailer came out the other day. Not as much of an impact as “winter is coming,” but sweet Jesus I’m excited. (via Entertainment Weekly)

Revisiting my deep and abiding love for Firefly, the artist for Dark Horse’s next installment of Firefly comics did an in-depth description of how he drew Mal Reynolds. I never knew comic book artists’ process, so this is fascinating to me. (via i09)

The Pleated Jeans tumblr was recently listed in a “best of Tumblr” article on Buzzfeed, and after following the link, I spent waaay too much time laughing until I cried. (via Pleated Jeans)

Look at these people laughing on the German subway. Seriously, look at this. It’s the strangest thing – one woman starts laughing, and pretty soon the whole train is in hysterics. It’s an amazing testimony to how contagious laughter is, and a nice byproduct is how it makes you feel better about humanity by the end. I guarantee you’ll start laughing as well. I did. (via YouTube)

6 Responses to “Links of love”

  1. K. Bacon December 20, 2011 at 3:44 am #

    Any excuse to watch Germans in motion! Ja Wol!

  2. Rebecca December 21, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    The article about the illustrator of the Firefly comic was awesome. There was something about the various stages of Malcolm Reynold’s face that was fascinating. The first two were fine, the last two were amazing, but the middle ones were creepy, and there was something about them that looked like Ted Danson, which Nathan Fillion does not!

    The Germans laughing was great! (And OMG, is that Kevin Bacon commenting on your blog?!) 🙂

    • Amanda December 22, 2011 at 8:11 am #

      Rebecca, I was thinking of you when I put that article on drawing Mal in there! I know how you share my love of all things Firefly, since you were the one that introduced me to it in the first place!

      Ha, I didn’t even think of Kevin Bacon! It’s my lovely friend Kim, but I hope she reads that comment and smiles.

      • Rebecca December 22, 2011 at 8:17 am #

        I think I’m in love with both Firefly and Nathon Fillion. What’s there not to like about him? (Well, if there’s something, don’t tell me. Right now, I know nothing negative about him.) Do you watch Castle? I love him on that show. He and the female lead (who is wonderfully complex and real) have great chemistry. What about Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog? That’s another must-see. Directed by Whedon, with Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. So fun!

        • Amanda December 22, 2011 at 8:29 am #

          There is nothing not to like about him! I LOVE Dr. Horrible – who knew he could sing? I’ve seen clips of Castle, but for some reason feel reluctant. I think it may be because I love him with Inara so much that I don’t want to see him in another role. Which is kind of extreme, now that I think about it. 🙂 Do you follow him on Twitter? He’s super funny.

          • Rebecca December 22, 2011 at 9:05 am #

            I’ve yet to venture into Twitter, but Nathan Fillion might be the push I need. If it helps, on Castle he still plays a fun-loving guy, just without the hard edge of Reynolds. Okay, I think I’m basically just in love with the show, because I was about to wax on about how wonderful the character of his daughter is portrayed and acted, and how they keep the murders light somehow, so it’s not too gruesome. The murders aren’t the focus of the story: they keep it straight on the characters, which is exactly how I like a mystery. I don’t care about the gore—show me characters that are complex and engaging and intelligent. And don’t make solving the case easy (which, for the most part, they don’t do. There’s not a lot of the “there was a trace of this soil, which is found in only one place in the world, and happens to be the soil under the rosebushes in the park just down the street” sort of thing like Bones is prone to.)

            Okay, I did go on a bit. 🙂 The show is on a break over the holidays and I’m missing it terribly.

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