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15 Dec

Well, I was planning on reviewing A Gentleman of Fortune by Anna Dean, who I heard about through my very favorite book blog, A Striped Armchair. Eva had given it a solid recommendation, and I think most highly of Eva’s taste. Plus, it’s a cozy mystery! I LOVE cozy mysteries. Honestly, I go searching for these things. But…it just didn’t do it for me, and I’m not sure why. I think perhaps it is suffering from comparison with White Cat and When Demons Walk – I’d just read these two amazing books, and both are fast-paced and thrilling. See, this is what happens when you read by mood, like I do. A perfectly good book can be set aside because for one reason or another, it doesn’t serve my mood. I’m going to try again with Dean in the future – maybe I’ll start with her first book, Bellfield Hall (A Gentleman of Fortune is a sequel to this, which may be part of my problem). Coming into the series in the second book, I think I missed valuable character-building, because no one really grabbed my attention in this go-round.

So, on to happier topics! To make up for this DNF review, I’m going to highlight a few books on my radar that I can’t wait to read.

First up, Zoe Archer’s Devil’s Kiss. Zoe Archer wrote an amazing paranormal historical romance (yes, that is a real genre) series that I loved. That series centered on The Blades of the Rose, a secret society of espionage dudes who protected magic from those who would abuse it, all taking place in the, oh, I would say 1800s? So, carriages AND magic. Boom. They were so fun and so interesting, I blazed right through them. Devil’s Kiss is the first in her new Hellraisers series about a group of very bad men who struggle to redeem themselves. A little darker than the Blades of the Rose series, but with Archer’s writing flair and wit, I bet I’ll love it.

Any Firefly fans out there? Back in September, a new Serenity comic was released—Serenity 2: Better Days and Other Stories. Um, yes please. I buy all the Firefly/Serenity comics because Firefly was one of those shows that I. Can’t. Let. Go. Of. It was just so good. The fact that Joss Whedon continues to put out products for Firefly fans, and that everyone involved on that show still loves it (Nathan Fillion routinely references it on Twitter) just warms my little heart. I will buy, and keep buying, anything they put out.

Cold Fire, the sequel to Kate Elliott’s Cold Magic came out this fall – how did I miss this? I adored Cold Magic. ‘Tis good. If this was just a story about a fantastic heroine coming of age, dealing with an arranged marriage and a husband that she may or may not loathe, and a family history that is difficult at best, it would still be awesome. However! Add some magic and an alternate history of Europe where Africa colonized Europe, and you’ve reached Cold Magic. When I finished it this past summer, I was pissed that Cold Fire wasn’t out yet. My wait is over.

7 Responses to “On my radar”

  1. K. Bacon December 20, 2011 at 4:05 am #

    You are my new 4 am favorite and reading inspiration! Great finds, these make me look forward to being up all hours of the night… Kind of 😉

    • Amanda December 20, 2011 at 8:16 am #

      Whatever it takes to amuse you at 4 AM, I will do it! With your newfound love of fantasy, you’ve got to read Cold Fire. So, so good.

  2. Rebecca December 20, 2011 at 9:08 pm #

    Amanda, I’m loving the recommendations. I was feeling earlier this month that I’d come to a standstill as far as new-to-me authors, and everything I was buying was a sequel in series I love (not a bad thing). And then you come along and start introducing me to new stuff, and it all sounds great!

    Just curious: Do you read any other graphic novels other than Firefly/Serenity stuff? I’ve never gotten into reading comics, but I always think I would like it. I have a problem with controlling where my eyes go on the page—they always want to leap to the last picture, and then I’ve ruined the pacing of the page. (The same thing happens to me when I read comic strips. I know I’m going to ruin it, but I just can’t help it, it seems.)

    Also, I don’t think I’m hip on the lingo. What’s DNF. Do not find?

    • Amanda December 21, 2011 at 8:14 am #

      DNF = Did Not Finish. I think I picked that up from some blog or another.

      I do love comics and graphic novels. When I was little, all I would read were Archie comics. I know what you mean about the eye skipping around, but for me, that is how you read a comic. I think you’re meant to take it all in at once, making it a much less linear reading experience than a straight novel.

  3. Eva December 30, 2011 at 5:41 am #

    I strongly, strongly preferred Bellfield Hall to A Gentleman of Fortune. The latter was just ‘ok’ for me, whereas the former was really fun! 🙂 But thank you for the compliments in this post: you’re making me blush!

    • Eva December 30, 2011 at 5:42 am #

      (I just went back to see what I’d written on my blog about A Gentleman of Fortune and noticed it was when I’d had to start doing one sentence reviews. I’m glad I’ve refined my system since then to make it more clear how much I liked/loved a book!)

    • Amanda December 30, 2011 at 7:51 am #

      Eva, I should have known better than to pass over the first in a series – normally I follow the rules. 🙂 Not finishing A Gentleman of Fortune was definitely a consequence of my mood at the time. I definitely want to give Dean another try.

      And hey, you have a great blog! You should get compliments!

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