Links of love

6 Dec
Follow these links down the rainbow path of bliss. Sometimes it’s something funny, sometimes it’s sweet or heartbreaking, but it’s always a good time.

  •  Singer/songwriter The White Buffalo performs several of his songs for American Songwriter. The White Buffalo is featured heavily on the amazing Sons of Anarchy, and his deep, sweet, and painful voice is magic. (via American Songwriter)
  • Found on the New Yorker tumblr, this article by Adam Gopnik on the importance of high fantasy for young adults is thoughtful and made me think about the battle between good and evil in a way I hadn’t considered before. (via The New Yorker)
  • A friend just got these for her birthday, and I loved them so much I wanted to tackle and snatch them off her myself. Perfect length, perfect heel, perfect everything. (via Timberland)
  • You know what you should do when you’re down? Watch Beyonce’s Love on Top video. I’m serious. It’s got kind of a retro, very early Michael Jackson feel to it. And even if you don’t like her, you can watch the male dancers in the back. (via YouTube)
  • This might make you cry, but in a good way, I promise. Medical research beagles go outside for the first time. (via YouTube)

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