When You Dare – Lori Foster

1 Dec

Yo, take a look at this cover. Sexiness, am I right?

Lori Foster is a new-to-me author, but she writes in a genre that I really enjoy from time-to-time: military romantic suspense. It’s a genre I pick up when I’m high on estrogen and just want that mix of imminent danger and heightened emotions. There’s a heavy element of a big, handsome, intimidating man, kicking ass and being all upstanding. Everything is just so DRAMATIC. It’s fun on a quiet night or when I’m feeling dumpy to indulge in that kind of adrenaline.

When You Dare centers on assassin-for-hire Dare Macintosh (get it?), who, while on a mission to rescue a friend’s sister from white slavers in Tijuana, notices another prisoner, tied down and obviously tortured. (Question: white slavers – I don’t worry about this much. Is this a big thing that I am woefully ignorant of?) Dare impulsively also rescues mystery prisoner girl, but is then confronted with a dilemma: what to do with her? He begins to nurse her back to health and figure out her story – mystery prisoner girl is Molly Alexander, a romantic suspense novelist. Ooh, it’s kinda meta. Makes me wonder how much of the behind the scenes info – overattached fans, the life of a writer, etc. – comes from Foster’s own experiences. Molly eventually hires Dare to figure out who had her kidnapped and to protect her in the meantime. There’s lots of physical danger, including more attempts at kidnapping and shootouts, as well as emotional angst, such as how an independent girl of means learns how to let an alpha, military type guide her every move until she’s out of danger. Good stuff.

I believed the relationship, and I appreciated that Molly wasn’t Too Stupid To Live (TSTL). (I saw that term on someone’s blog – maybe Smart Bitches, Trashy Books? – and it’s stayed with me ever since because it is SO appropriate). TSTL heroines are illogical and irrational, given to hyper-emotional overreactions and they make me want to scream. Seriously, it’s a deal breaker. I have abandoned perfectly good books because of this. I have to root for the heroine, you know? And if she’s TSTL, I can’t waste good energy on her self-initiated, dumbass shenanigans. Molly is understandably confused and upset, but she gets that she’s in a life-or-death situation and attempts to handle it in a calm and rational fashion. Dare is a great alpha hero: physically (almost superhumanly) capable, sweet, generous, and understanding. He didn’t throw his weight around unnecessarily and he dug that Molly had some woman curves. I felt a little disappointed in the sexy times, just because once they got down to it, it was over pretty quickly.

Overall, I’m interested in the rest of Foster’s books, a couple of which seem to be connected to When You Dare and focus on some of the secondary characters introduced here.

One Response to “When You Dare – Lori Foster”

  1. Anonymous December 6, 2011 at 5:53 pm #

    Doesn’t sound like my kind of book, but I do appreciate the cover art. Damn!

    As to white slavers, I think these days it’s called trafficking and it’s a HUGE issue worldwide. Women and girls are being sold (oftentimes by their own families), kidnapped or tricked into going to other countries to “work” and they find out they are sex slaves. Yes, it happens in the U.S. too. They are kept locked up, drugged, beaten and worse. You can’t even call them prostitutes because they don’t get paid. I don’t want to give you another thing to worry and stress about, but it’s a really terrible problem. I don’t think it gets as much attention or press as is should because after all it’s just women. But that’s me.

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